Book Blurbs – Elevator Pitch for Your Book

A book blurb is one of the most important things for marketing any published book. While a book synopsis is a marketing tool for reviewers, publishers, and literary agents, a book blurb is for the readers, your main target audience.

There are two kinds of book blurbs: description blurb, which is the text you read at the back of the book, that helps you understand what the book is about. The other kind of book blurb is the review blurb, which is a kind of acknowledgment or a review written by someone for your book that inspires the readers to buy the book.

A book blurb is like a teaser for your book. The description that you usually see in bookstores while surfing through books are description blurbs.

Here we will discuss the tips to write a great description blurb that excites the readers into buying your book.

  1. Make it concise. A reader’s attention span while surfing through books at a bookstore or even in digital bookstores is momentary. Limit your blurbs to 150 words.
  2. The starting punch. Make your first line as captivating as possible. The opening remarks lead the reader to read further and develop a good first impression.
  3. No spoilers! Book blurbs should maintain a level of wonder and surprise. Be creative while writing your blurbs, such that the readers are left restless and buy your book to know what happens to the character.
  4. Structure it perfectly. Introduce your character and the setting of your book. Proceed to highlight the main problem that the protagonist is facing and the obstacles that lie in the way. End by mentioning that the stakes are high such that it leaves the readers gasping for the outcome.
  5. Try to write the blurb in the third person so that people can also think along with the lines. What if it’s my story too?
  6. End it with questions that form the purpose of the book. Be creative when it comes to these questions such that the readers feel they are a part of the character and they want these questions answered for themselves too.

A smashing book blurb—It is one of the most basic marketing tools that you would need to sell your book once it is published. Grab the attention of the users by making them relate to the blurb! Use words and language that you know will hold on to your target audience.

A phenomenal book blurb is like an elevator pitch for your book. Make it perfect!