Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in publishing or self-publishing a book, you’ve probably got a lot of questions. Here are some Frequently asked questions about publishing.

You! We understand the value of words and hence the rights of the book will always reside with you. You will have print, audio, visual and digital rights to your book.
NOTE: If Books That Inspire pitches your book for audio, visual or digital rights on other platforms, then as a publishing house we retain 20% of the revenue on those mediums.

You will receive 100 FREE copies as a part of your package.

Yes your book will get a valid ISBN number which will be registered with Books That Inspire.
You can track the books you have sold. You will know the print run, and the book goes into second print after the first print run is sold out. You will have an amazon bookshop and you will also be able to track the book sales.
The selling price is set per the genre of the book, and ofcourse, per your standards. This is mutually decided between the publisher and you.

The number of copies are decided mutually based on the marketing plan. We like to restrict the print run to 300 copies per print run, to avoid long storage of the books in the warehouse.


You get all the earnings of the books. Books That Inspire only retains the 10% of the print cost for the books. As you sell, you earn. We set up the online shops in your custody on all online portals, so that the income goes directly to you. When the book is distributed on other channels, the distributors will purchase the books at 50% discount. The monies will be settled to you quarterly in that case, or as agreed with the distributor.

The Author earnings if pending with the publisher or the distributors are usually settled quarterly.

The entire income from the book goes to you. You are entitled to 90% of the profits, 10% being the service charge of Books That Inspire.


Paperback or Hardcover as needed. Digital format on Kindle.

We do “print on demand” for you. You decide how many books you want printed. We ship to you the copies you need and we store the stock of the balance books in our warehouse.

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