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How To Write A Bestseller - PRIYA KUMAR

Learn how I write a book in 5 days, took all my 15 books to #1 bestseller status, built a brand as an author and influencer and won 44 international awards, took my books worldwide and translated into 5 foreign languages. Learn how to improve your writing skills, how to write blogs, articles, short stories, features and books in different genres and become a highly paid author and writer.

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Step By Step Guide To Start Writing - Priya Kumar

Let me sit you down and get you started on writing your book now! From setting up your space, to clearing your head, to harnessing your creative zone, to building a large canvas for your thoughts – let me be there… helping you write the book.

Writing, creativity can be a frustrating and daunting process, there is method in madness. I have been there – and charted the path for great productivity, clarity and expression.

This hands on step by step guide will keep you at your writers desk and keep the thoughts and words flowing – till you are done.

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The Writer’s Community

Ms. Priya will put weekly writing tips, answer your questions and post advice on how to launch your career as a professional writer.

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Praise for Priya’s writing

Inspiring valuable actionable ideas on entrepreneurs and making a positive difference in the world!
Robin Sharma
A insightful thought provoking book. Priya has a deep compassion for the human condition.
Vishal Bhardwaj
Priya's matchless style
makes and absolute
delight to read.
Ram Charan
Business Consultant
She inspires you
to reach that ignored
person inside.
Imtiaz Ali
Indian film director
Priya's writing
has an ongoing
healing effect.
Sonu Nigam

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