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Dhara Purohit John is an author, podcaster, and content curator for psychologists and therapists, aiming to translate wisdom into words. Before her writing career, she was a practising environmental architect for ten years.
Dhara’s professional career began at the age of 16 by doing promotions for consumable products in Mumbai. This experience gave her a glimpse into everyone’s daily city grind and struggles, be it for the commoner or the elite.
In 2007, she graduated as an architect. Dhara pursued environmental designing as a qualified Indian Green Building Council-Accredited Professional working for a decade to make a difference through structures and earth-friendly models.
Dissatisfied with the system, she decided to be an e-entrepreneur. This journey made her realise her strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities while giving a platform to be a global trainer working alongside corporate trainers, ex-CEOs, shipping managers, policy designers, educationists who were also incidentally environmentalists at heart.
To contribute more meaningfully and develop a better response to environmental destruction, inequality, and social consequences of rapid technological change, she decided to be a part of a meditation retreat. The retreat needed discipline, silence and no connection with the outside world for consecutive ten days. This retreat was the turning point in her life.
Across six years, she has spent 850 hours in silence and reflection under established teachers’ guidance. 1000+ hours of meditative practice have empowered her to live more authentically, tap into the cosmic wisdom and share it with the world. Her writings reflect the profound insights encountered through her experiences by working across three industries. Her blog inspires the reader to take the inner journey of transformation.
She loves studying esoteric sciences and apart from being a content curator, she is a professionally trained tarot reader and a Family Constellation therapy facilitator.  She does not believe in predicting the future but creating it by making conscious choices. Hence, she uses the modality as a tool to see what must be healed to achieve the objective that one is looking for and encourages others to take responsibility for their life. Through her (gifted) intuitive abilities she has facilitated over 2500 cases across 4 years of study. She designs content for esoteric workshops helping facilitators impart this knowledge in the most simplified manner possible and develop processes to help people reflect and re-wire for mindful living.
A storyteller and explorer by heart, her brains work the best when she puts pen to paper. She loves to paint and sketch. A trained Kathak dancer, she now enjoys dancing to the rhythm of life. She does not like very serious or violent movies and sarcastic conversations. She gets bored easily while going for conventional shopping for clothes and accessories but can spend hours admiring cute stationery. An avid coffee drinker she loves good vegetarian food and is always up for an engrossing conversation. She isn’t afraid of calories and you can spot her with her cup of hot chocolate with some extra cream, and a book at coffee shops of Mumbai.

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Jumana Karwa is a software engineer at Amazon. A native of Mumbai, she is currently living in London.
“Growing up, I have always questioned stereotypical thinking, and been taught to stand up for fight for what’s right, whether it is for yourself or others. I have been an avid reader, speaker at events as well as an advocate for both STEM education for young students and women’s right to education. I truly believe that a woman is really respected and has a say in her marriage only if she is financially independent. By continuing to work on herself and her professional interests after her marriage, she can create a space of admiration and contribution with her presence and example. When a woman is respected, it is an environment devoid of domestic and financial, and open for harmony and upliftment of all. A woman who is self reliant finds it easy to attract a partner as a friend and a respectful loving companion.
Having witnessed and lived through a challenging marital journey, I have clearly defined a path of what not to do, and understood first hand the exact steps that can make your dream a nightmare.
I have taken to writing, to give a good polished perspective to my own experiences and making them relevant and relatable for others to gain from. I will meet you soon, in the pages of my book.” Jumana.
Prabhsimrat Gill is a bestselling author, blogger, and digital content creator dedicated to helping people discover and empower their purpose to excel in life and achieve their dreams.
With the mission of inspiring people to uncover the special gifts and the genius within them, Prabhsimrat Gill started this blog in July 2019. Since then, he has transitioned into an author and a content creator, further empowering his purpose.
He believes that every human being born on this planet has the power to think, to imagine, and to create with thought what does not yet exist, and with such a powerful force inherent in us, we can easily become whoever we want to, no matter how unrealistic it may seem. With the right direction, any person can unlock these powers.
That direction is what he gives through his blog posts, book, and digital content. With over 2.5 years of experience in the personal development field, Prabhsimrat has studied, tried, and experimented with various concepts that he writes/speaks about, making his book, blog posts, and video content highly actionable and practical.
He believes that we aren’t here just to live in mediocrity, we are here with the innate responsibility of going out of the conventional box, breaking records, and creating something extraordinary.
And that’s what he did himself. With his debut self-help book, “Explore The New YOU” he broke the conventional idea that one must be old and have decades of experience to write a book. He published Explore The New YOU in November 2020 at the age of 14 and with it, became the youngest self-published non-fiction author in the world, with his record being recognized by World Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, India Book of Records, and OMG Book of Records.
Also, Explore The New YOU became an international bestseller bagging the Number 1 Position on both Amazon USA and Canada.
Priya Kumar is an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Indian Author of 15 Inspirational Books.
In her 27 years journey as a Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Indian Author and Keynote Speaker from India, she has worked with over 2000 Multi-National Corporates across 47 countries and has touched over 3 million people through her workshops and books, and is the only Woman Speaker in India to have done so.
She is the only Indian Author who has won 42 International Awards for her books. Turned Filmmaker and Screenwriter, Priya has made a Bollywood debut with her inspirational book “I Will Go With You” as her debut web series “The Final Call” which is streaming on ZEE5.
Priya’s fun, relatable, and structured talks have been revered as a modern-day Technology of Achievement, garnering recognition as the best in the industry. Priya has written over 700 columns for national and international publications. Her work has been extensively featured by the media in India and abroad and she has been invited as a celebrity guest on several businesses, entertainment, and reality shows.
Known as The Biography Specialist, Priya has written the official biography of Mr. Pullela Gopichand who is the Olympics Badminton Coach. Priya wrote the biography of Late Shri O.P. Munjal, the founder of the Hero Group and Subhashish Chakraborty, the founder of DTDC, which made it to the most popular biography of 2015 on Amazon. Priya was awarded the Times of India, Speaking Tree, Good Karma Award, as India’s most Inspirational Author.
Priya started working at the age of 13 as a French Teacher and taught over 1900 students over 9 years. She then moved on to Motivational Speaking and started her company Priya Kumar’s Training Systems at the age of 22.
Using experiential learning sprinkled with fun, engagement and humour, Priya makes a memorable impact on her audiences. Her workshops are designed for audiences ranging from corporate executives, entrepreneurs, students and as Priya says “for anyone who is committed to making their lives better”.
From keynote speeches, to workshops and strategic interventions, Priya is the most sought after name in the corporate industry.
Full of passion and energy, Priya treats life as an adventure. Her love for people and her purpose of empowering them to reach for the life of their dreams, is her driving force.