How to Deal with Writer’s Block

Every writer experiences moments when he is devoid of any thoughts, or so overwhelmed that it is difficult to make sense of his own mind. This phase is often known as a writer’s block which inhibits a writer from creating something of value. 

Many writer’s absolutely dread this phase. But honestly, this could be your time to rejuvenate the creative cells in your brain. It’s like a hiatus between creation of art where you nourish your mind and soul. 

Rather than being scared or overwhelmed with a writer’s block, here are some tips to make it the best time for the garden of your mind.  

  • Go for a walk

The most time tested way to release your mind from the writer’s block is to go for a stroll. Nature has the most healing capacity, and when you step out for a walk the air plays around with your mind. The breeze that plays with your hair, the sensations of sun on your face, the subtle noises of birds chirping and squirrels running around nourishes the garden of your mind. It releases endorphins which are the ‘feel good’ hormones. Walking helps you collect your thoughts and get back to focussing on the things to be done and achieved.

  • Talk to a friend.

A muddled mind is best handled by a friend over a cup of coffee. Spending time with friends is the kind of therapy every mind needs when it is overwhelmed by either a lot of thoughts or absence of thoughts. Talk to a trusted friend. Often during such conversation you find your way back to the creative process. Try also to have an accountability buddy who constantly checks upon you and inspires you to achieve your daily writing goals.

  • Work on something shorter.

Oftentimes when the task at hand appears massive we lose our confidence. This often clears our mind of any ideas and brings it to a neutral gear. In order to rebuild that confidence, work on something shorter. If you are working on an anthology, try to work just one piece at a time. If you are working on a fiction, try to develop just one character. Slice your story into small chunks and work on those. As you start completing those small chunks, your morals boosts and you enter into gear 4!

  • Enhance Your Workspace. 

A writer’s block is the best time to redecorate your work space. Accentuate it with plants and soothing colors. Rearrange your stationary. Redo your sticky notes. Surround yourself with incense and healing music. 

  • Try a Writing Prompt.

A writer’s block often masks the thoughts of an individual. You might want to write but it may seem like you are blindfolded and you have no idea where to start. Writing prompts are like walking sticks to a writer blinded by the writer’s block. They are a great source to kick start your brain. You can find several books that are filled with writing prompts. You can also explore several services which send you a writing prompt every day to keep you creative juices flowing. 

Expecting too much from yourself further lowers your creativity. Accept that these are just phases of the writing process. Make yourself believe that you will be back to focussing with increased productivity after rejuvenating. 

Writing is a creative process with its valleys and mountains. You may be scaling a mountain and the next second you would have fallen in the large nothingness of the valley. Do not be overwhelmed by the nothingness. Cherish the time in nourishing your mind. Be easy on yourself even when you are going through a block.