Self Publishing – A Boon

The publishing industry has drastically changed over the past decade. The number of books in the market have increased with the emergence of e-books. Traditional publishing, where your book is the responsibility of the publishing house, right from working on the manuscript to marketing it and making it a bestseller, has gone down a notch. Authors are now opting for self-publishing which gives them more flexibility over their work.

 Here are a few sweet-tooth things when you go for self-publishing over traditional publishing.

  • More control over your work

For someone who has deep respect for his/her work, self publishing gives you the comfort to control the amount of edits and changes in the structure to your work. You have the final say to keep something in the book or delete it altogether. The amount of control you have in self-publishing is a relief to the authors who fear the loss of their individuality when their work goes through editors.

  • Being part of the process

When you write a book you want to nurture it with all your heart. Self publishing gives you the opportunity to be part of the whole publishing process. You get to live the journey of converting your manuscript into a full-fledged published book. The whole process grows you as a person as you get to learn a lot of minor things about the publishing process and the whole industry.

  • The wide array of choices

With the number of self publishing houses emerging, you have a wide range of choices at your fingertips. Every publishing house has packages and you can choose to pick the services that you believe work the best for you. You can also design your own cover page or suggest changes if the publishing house designs it for you.

  • The Publishing outcomes

Self publishing gives you choices as to the size of your book, the format (paperback, hardcover, e-book), distribution channels, pricing and every little thing associated with your book. It is like raising your child with the choices that you want to surround your child with.

 Self publishing is more of a personal journey rather than a detached process. As a writer, you invest energy and thoughts in weaving the words together to form a beautiful tapestry. No one but you understands the value of the words that you have written and expressed.

Self publishing protects your emotions from being ripped according to the whims and fancies of the target audience. The amount of money invested is surely high, as compared to traditional publishing, but sometimes your work is more valuable than anything else.