Tips For Aspiring Authors

Tips for aspiring authors

Every one of us has a story within us. But very few have the courage to put it down on paper. Your stories are worth sharing. There is someone somewhere who might be going through a similar experience and would be finding it challenging to sustain. Your words may have the power to make someone believe they aren’t alone in experiencing what they are feeling.

Being an author isn’t just about writing a story or putting words on paper. The way you carry your art of writing is what defines you as an author.

Here are a few tips for aspiring authors to establish respect for their skills.

  • Observe

One of the prerequisites to being an author is the ability to observe. Look around you and you will find stories in every single thing. Be observant of people, nature, and even non-living things. An author’s mind gets its nourishment from observation. Perceive your environment without judgment. Be sensitive to your surroundings.

  • Be disciplined

Discipline is something that has resulted in power performances in every field. Every successful sports person owes his achievements to a strict routine that he follows. Create your writing space. Decorate it with things that inspire creativity. Light some incense to calm your nerves and help you focus. Maintain a writing journal. Write at least 200 words every day. This keeps your Creative juices flowing, else it is very easy to fall into a writing stupor. Sit down to write at a fixed time. With time your brain gets conditioned to being creative and ideas start flowing when you expose it to similar conditions on a daily basis.

  • Practice patience and tenacity

Writing a book isn’t about just finishing the story. A book isn’t completed even after you have finished the story and written the climax. Have the patience to sit through with your work and be critical about it. Be tenacious. Your perspectives and frame of mind often determine the journey that your characters take. Have the courage to experience this journey with them and lead your story to a more defined purpose.

  • Join writing groups

When you are surrounded by people who are in the same field your creativity enhances. Spend time with writing and reading groups. This is a great way to develop perspectives. Writing can become exhaustive very soon and you may face writer’s block. Being part of a writing group helps you face your writer’s block and overcome it with more power.

  • Be a voracious reader

A person who doesn’t read can never write books that are eternal. When you read your mind opens to the world. You experience realities that help the development of the right hemisphere of your brain. This development leads to greater creativity and exploration of the unknown. When you read a lot, you gather perspectives and it helps in building your own perspective too.

Writing is a work of the soul. While you write the most important aspect is to enjoy the process. If you don’t like what you are writing, try to persist for a while. But if you still don’t enjoy the process, move to something that you really love.

Be passionate about every word you write, and you will be able to create a reality that people would love to be a part of.